Daria Kazus

52 Rollins Drive, Welland, ONT



  • Niagara College, ONT                                                       2018-2019

Public Relations Graduate Certificate

  • Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine                          2014-2018

Bachelor Degree in Philosophy

  • Practical School of Journalism, Kyiv, Ukraine          Oct 2015                   

Work Experience

 Administrator, Bamboo Beauty Salon, Lutsk, Ukraine           Jun–Dec 2016

  • Greeted customers, helped clients to get acquainted with services, supported communication
  • Arranged professional events and master-classes, cooperated with suppliers
  • Assisted in Employee-Employer communication process

Seller, LTD Technology, Lutsk, Ukraine                                        Jun–Sept 2015

  • Explained the technology of using a product to customers
  • Created connections with clients, supported with problems

Secretary, Humanitarian Dean`s Department, Kyiv, Ukraine   Mar–Aug 2014                                                   

  • Arranged students accounts, organized documents
  • Delivered information to other departments of the university
  • Managed databases

Special skills

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills

Learning CisionPoint, Meltwater and CP Style.                                                                          


The Gift of Communication

  • Consulted non-profit organization providing insights into effective Social Media communication
  • Created new ideas related to potential partnerships
  • Advised how to improve external communications and discussed the development of a newsletter for the organization


English, Ukrainian, Russian