A little about me

My name is Daria. I am a Public Relations Practitioner with a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy. Thus, my life is really funny. I am that kind of person who can laugh at this moment and think quietly about existential issues of non-existence in a minute.

Also, I am Ukrainian. And I live in Canada. Being a perfectionist, every day I face with my own imperfection. I always make mistakes. I always hate making mistakes. I always try to calm down. And not always successfully 🙂

I believe in PR. I persuade that communication can stop wars, save this world and convince your wife not to read your messages. My strong belief is that the hardest but the most essential task in the life of every person is to express yourself. To show your opinion, to share your thoughts. The world deserves to know about you. You deserve to be known.

Every life is art and only you can decide what artist you are – classic or cubist,  Michelangelo or Salvador Dali. The only important thing is not to leave a blank sheet. So, let`s add some colour!